Bella Dawn Salon, Team Clayborn Fitness, Holistic Coaching with Sakinah B.

This month, we interviewed veterans transforming our community’s mind, body, and soul.

Bella Dawn Salon

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Bella Dawn Salon is a cozy salon based in Vine Grove, Kentucky that knows how to make a girl feel beautiful! …

Andrea Arcilla and Denizen, Kentucky

Andrea Arcilla Realtor

It is no secret that in 2021, the demand for real estate is exceeding the supply as sellers look to capitalize on rising prices and fast bid wars. Now more than ever, if you’re interested in buying real estate you need someone with exclusive access…

Explore Hardin County May 2021

We are opening back up! COVID restrictions are lifting, sunshine is blessing us all, and summer is just around the corner. Life feels more warm and welcoming.

For the month of May, we are honoring two army veterans who give back to our community in…

Nonprofits of Hardin County

Explore Hardin County

April 2021; Part 2

Local explorers, it is May! It is safe to say we’ve had our fair share of April showers. We interviewed some organizations using the rain to sow seeds of hope within our community.

We are bringing awareness to nonprofits working to bring education, understanding, and peace…

Explore Hardin County

March 2021; Part 2

“If everyone does a little bit, no one has to do a lot.”

We are continuing to celebrate the women providing resources and services to our local residents. We are blown away but not surprised by the warm, gifted souls we interviewed this month! They are here to serve you.

Explore Hardin County

March 2021; Part 1

Welcome back, friends! March is National Women’s History month, with several notable sub-celebrations commemorating women for achievements they were not afforded years ago.

Women could have been fired for becoming mothers in the middle of their careers; they could not open a credit card in their name or attend most…

Black-Owned Businesses of Hardin County, Kentucky

Explore Hardin County

February 2021

Hello friends, welcome to the brand new Explore Hardin County blog! Here, you will find the inside scoop on services and goods run by your very own friends and neighbors. Our goal is to promote and support local businesses in and out of hard…

Explore Hardin County

Join our journey through Hardin County Kentucky's local businesses!

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